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Material Everything Edition

Get ready for a Material takeover. At Google I/O, Material announced a host of new features that solve for some of the most common challenges faced by designers and developers. The Material team has been hard at work crafting tools that make it easy to customize, code, and improve your digital experiences, and admittedly, it’s a lot of new to wade through. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Read on to dive deeper into the Material release and everything that’s happening here at Google Design.

Variations On a Theme

They say variety is the spice of life—and the same is true for apps, too. With Material Theming, brands can now customize their visual identity (think type, color, and even icons) with ease. Check out how companies like Lyft, Genius, NPR, Pocket Casts, and Zappos have used Material’s updated tools to express their unique identities across digital products. And learn how designers crafted the Google Material Theme to create a cohesive experience across products as varied as Gmail, Google News, Google Pay, and Google Home. More of the learning-by-doing type? Watch a quick primer on how to use the Material Theme Editor or peruse our handy Design Lab for step-by-step instruction.

Meet Material’s New Power Tools

Material’s new tools help designers and developers work together quickly and creatively. Bookmark the new—your go-to resource for all things Material—to learn how the system’s open-source components let developers create custom apps across platforms. And get to know Gallery, a handy online tool for teams to review, comment, and keep track of a design’s components and iterations. For more info on how to make the most of these new tools, watch video guides on Gallery,, and Material Theme Editor.

Material Reader Giveaway

We’re giving away 50 copies of our beautifully designed Material Reader. Created as a takeaway for Google I/O 2018, it features 25 full-color illustrations, die-cut pages, three sheets of UI component decals, and an embossed cover. Enter the giveaway!

And the Award Goes To...

This spring, AIGA—the largest and oldest professional design association in the US—recognized Google’s commitment to design excellence with its 2018 Corporate Leadership Award. In return, we gave a sneak peek into how designers across Google are building products—everything from VR to Gmail to maps—with a more human touch. We’ve long believed in the power of good design to shape the future, so keep following along @GoogleDesign as we publish stories about design’s impact at Google and around the world, and thank you!

What’s New on Google Design

Sure, we’re living in a Material world, but that isn’t the only thing on our minds. Take a spin around to see what’s been keeping us occupied this spring:

5 Things to Love Right Now

Selected by Davina Kim, a Palo Alto-based Senior UX Designer working on the Nest team.

Peter Gronquist

An American artist specializing in sculpture, taxidermy, and painting. I’m really into Peter’s gradient paintings because they explore emotions—using color to amplify a sense of calmness.

The School of Life

Developing empathy and understanding for users is an important part of the design process. Which is why this series of books by The School of Life is so on point—each well-designed volume helps people develop emotional intelligence by applying psychology, philosophy, and culture to the everyday.

Kazuaki Harada

This automata maker creates wooden mechanical machines depicting puzzles and human forms. His Instagram account @kazu_automata is a mesmerizing and fun follow.

Aquarium Videos

Whenever I need a mental break, I clap on my headphones, cue up some soothing music, and settle in to watch aquarium videos. These work especially well when I need to power through designer’s block.

How Was It Made?

I’m really into watching this series on how artifacts from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection were made. The level of craftsmanship and detail is astonishing and educational.

Want to learn more about what Davina Kim and other UX Designers do at Google? Check out our jobs page.


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