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Sizing Up (and Down) Your Responsive UI

Our new Resizer tool is a handy (and dynamic) cheat sheet for testing and optimizing responsive UI patterns across a variety of form factors.

Learn more about the tool and start playing

Twitter screenshots

Google Design 2016 Care Packages

To kick off 2016, we reimagined some of Google Design’s visual highlights from the past year and packaged them all up in a New Year’s “care package.” We were super excited to see some of these sweet little bundles out in the wild with some of our collaborators and friends.

What's New with Material

Icons 2.2

Our latest update covers everything from sentiments to subways, and expands our system icon library to 933. Visit Material Design icons to learn more, and be sure to share your feelings—“dissatisfied,” “neutral,” “very satisfied,” or otherwise— with us on Twitter.


The latest addition to our Material Design resources will make testing breakpoints a breeze.

5 Things to Love Right Now

Selected by Philippe Cao, a Visual Designer working on the Play Developer Console team in London.

Imbedded Forms

Imbedded Forms

Designer and electrical engineer hobbyist Gavin Atkinson, collects images from manufacturer catalogues for industrial parts and materials, and then transforms them into mesmerising sculptures.

Le Creative

Ill-Studio + Le Creative

This beautiful campaign for Nike x Pigalle created by Paris-based agencies Ill-Studio and Le Creative.


I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me

Trevor Paglen’s excellent photographic survey of the patches worn by American military personnel on top-secret missions.

Tadashi Ueda

Tadashi Ueda

The super playful portfolio of Japanese designer Tadashi Ueda calls to mind a glitchy Saturday morning cartoon or a highly-caffeinated Ikko Tanaka.

Ping Pong! The Animation

Ping Pong: The Animation

A brief but amazing anime series by Masaaki Yuasa about the relationship between two young boys playing in a ping pong tournament.

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“It’s a teeny tiny thing to most people, but updating Google’s identity and logo system was a really big, difficult project.” SPAN London Collaborators It’s Nice That published an interview with several of the designers behind the new Google Logo.

In case you slept on this Beautiful Pixels interview with Matias Duarte, now’s your chance to give it a read and find out what makes the VP of design at Google tick (and who dictates his sartorial choices).


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Google Design’s Rob Giampietro shares his thoughts on growth and curiosity with The Great Discontent.

New to designing for Android? Take our Udacity course on Android design to sort your pixels from your dps, learn how to build responsive layouts, and how to apply material design.

The design tooling team at Google Design closed out 2015 with two exciting updates. Check out all the details on Pixate 2.0 and Form 1.4.0.